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tfp-3Read below to learn how you can be considered for a FREE professional photoshoot.

You may have heard Fashion Photographers and Models talking about doing a “TF” shoot or “TFP” shoot”. There are varied definitions of what “TF” is and what it includes.

The information below is intended to give you a clear understanding of what you can expect if you are selected to do a TF shoot with René.

What is “TF”

“TF” is an acronym for “Time For” or “Trade For”. TF is an arrangement between a model and a photographer whereby the photographer agrees to provide the model with photographs from their photo shoot at no charge in exchange for the model’s time on the shoot. You may have also seen the term “TFP” which stands for “Time for Prints” or “Trade for Prints” and refers to a provision for actual printed photographs vs. digital files (.jpgs).

A TF shoot may also include a trade of services by other industry professionals who participate in a shoot such as Makeup Artists, Hair Stylists, Designers, Artistic/Creative Directors, etc. No one collects money for their work and time on a TF shoot, it’s simply a trading of services by all parties involved.

tfp-5Why do a TF Shoot?

There are many benefits to doing TF shoots. Primarily, TF shoots allow all parties involved to build or expand upon their body of work and get photos for use in their own portfolios.

You’ll see a lot of amateur photographers and models “shooting TF” because they need experience with their equipment and they need to build their portfolios. The only drawback to working with less experienced photographers or models is you may not always get the quality of photos you expect. But hey, they didn’t cost you anything but your time!

Consider that most professional photographers have made substantial investments in high quality cameras, lenses, lights, computers, software, and other miscellaneous gear. Not to mention the time, skill and experience needed to produce high quality imagery. Experienced models may have invested heavily in diet and exercise, wardrobe, hair, makeup and maybe even in modeling courses. Some professional photographers and experienced models only work on paid shoots. Most will shoot TF on occasion just to keep their professional portfolios fresh, add a new look or style to their book, or gain experience using new equipment.

René believes that it doesn’t matter how experienced you are as a photographer or model, you can always learn something new and benefit from a TF shoot experience.

tfp-4The TF Shoot Process

Before the Shoot – René will set up a Planning Meeting to talk about your interests and talk through ideas you may have for your shoot. Knowing a little about you in advance will help break the ice and set the stage for a fun and professional photo shoot. René will provide artistic direction, creative advice and discuss shoot logistics as well as answer any questions you have during this meeting. Please feel free to share your ideas during this time so you can both be better prepared.

During the Shoot – Unless otherwise agreed to in advance, you and René will drive separate vehicles and meet at the agreed upon shoot location at the agreed upon time. Once there, he will review your wardrobe, hair and makeup and make any last minute adjustments. René will spend the first 10-15 minutes taking a few random shots to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera. Experienced models typically do not need this time and can get started with the shoot objectives right away. René likes to move around a lot while on location to take advantage of available light, interesting backgrounds or special features, so be sure to bring comfortable shoes to walk around in between shots. He will also help you with posing suggestions during the shoot if needed.

After the Shoot – René will go to work on post-production of the photos, choosing the “selects” from your shoot. Once done (usually within a week), René will contact you to setup your proofing session. During the proofing session, you and René will look through your shots and together identify your Selects (“best-of” shots from the shoot). René will then complete the post-production work on those favorites, including fixing blemishes, making any necessary color and exposure adjustments and adding artistic elements or special effects to the photos. Once complete, René will email you a link where you can download your photos.

tfp-1TF Shoot FAQs

Q: Where will the photos be taken?
A: Locations vary by shoot. All photos are taken on location(s) agreed upon during your planning meeting.

Q: Will wardrobe, hair and makeup be provided?
A: Unless otherwise agreed upon during your planning meeting, no. You will need to provide your own wardrobe, hair and makeup. However, if a retail store, hair stylist or makeup artist is interested in providing you with those things in exchange for photos from the shoot for their own portfolios, that may be arranged.

Q: What is a “Finished” photo?
A: Finished photos or “Selects” are described as those photos identified by model and photographer as favorites, the best of the best from the shoot. Selects will include touch-ups done in post processing. Selects are those photos that you will want in your portfolio.

Q: How many photos will I get in exchange for my time?
A: The number of  selects provided depends on the amount of time spent on the shoot and the creative or artistic objectives of each shoot. René has provided as few as 10, and as many as 100. You can expect about 10-20 high quality selects from a typical half-day shoot and between 30-50 from a full-day shoot! Of course, there are more than just selects …you will also be given the rest of the photos from your shoot which can easily amount to hundreds!

Q: When will I get my finished photos?
A: This varies by shoot and by your availability to complete proofing, but usually within 2-3 weeks of the shoot date. René will give you a better idea of timelines at your pre-shoot planning meeting. All photos from your shoot will be given to you as digital files (JPGs) sent in links in an email or provided on a thumb drive.

Q: Can I bring an escort or chaperone with me on the shoot?
A: Yes, if having an escort or chaperone with you makes you feel more comfortable you are welcome to do so. However, please understand that having more people on a shoot can be distracting and lead to wasted time and less photos. If you decide you’d like to bring someone along, please limit to one extra person and make them aware of your objectives and expectations for the shoot in advance.

Q: Do I Need to Submit “Professional” Photos to Model Agencies?
A: No. Actually in most cases, agencies will request that you NOT send professional photos. They want simple snapshots that show your natural beauty without all the makeup, perfect hair, fancy lights and post-processing.

Q: So Why Should I Get Professional Photos Taken?
A: To Gain experience! The more experience you have working in front of a camera and interacting with different professionals, the better. Experience with professionals builds confidence, confidence gets you noticed, and getting noticed can lead to paid work!

Q: My Model Agency said I should go get a “Test Shoot” done, is “TF” the Same Thing?
A: No. A “Test Shoot” is not the same as a TF shoot. The term “Testing” is used by model/talent agencies when they send a new model to a photographer for a short photo shoot. The agency may outline specifics to capture a certain look or style from a test shoot they request. Photos from a test shoot are used in the agency’s book. Licensing terms for these photos may be different due to usage. Usually the model is responsible for paying for a test shoot, however; the cost is typically paid for in advance by the agency and the money deducted from the model’s earnings later. There are some cases where a test shoot is handled like a TF, where no money is exchanged, but licensing terms will likely be different.

Q: What’s the difference between “Commercial” and “Editorial” style fashion photos?
A: “Commercial” style fashion photography is usually shot in a studio environment and highlights the fashion product(s) with perfect lighting and very little if any shadows. “Editorial” style fashion photography tells a story and is usually shot in various non-studio locations and tends to be more artistic in nature allowing for more creative freedom. Rene’s fashion photography style is “Editorial”.

Q: Do I Own the Photos from the Shoot?
A: No. Copyrights to the photos are owned by the photographer. René will provide you with a usage license with terms that allow you to use the photos for personal purposes and self-promotion only. Read the section on copyrights and licensing below for more info.

Q: Can I Edit or Modify the Photos to My Liking?
A: No. Per copyright law, the photos are the property of the photographer who took them. Licensing forbids modification of images without written approval. Read the section on copyrights and licensing below for more info.

tfp-2Other Things You Should Know

Copyright Law

The bottom line on copyright is this; whoever depresses the shutter of a camera and takes a picture with it automatically owns the copyright to that image. Detailed info on U.S. copyright law can be found on the U.S. Copyright Office website.

Photo Licensing and Usage

The copyright owner specifies how a photo can be used. While the model and photographer may agree to certain kinds of uses, the model does NOT have unlimited rights to the photographs unless a transfer of copyright has been issued in writing by the copyright holder. Most professional photographers will retain their copyright and grant the model a license to use the photos for personal purposes and self-promotion only. Licensing terms may outline more specific uses, but in most cases the photos may never be modified, sold or relicensed by the model. Unless otherwise modified, Rene’s standard licensing terms include the following statement:



Model Release

Legal requirements for a model release vary greatly from place to place and from situation to situation. René always requires this Model Release be signed by his models prior to the photo shoot. His intentions are to be clear about expectations up front so there are no surprises later.

Model Selection

Please note that you don’t necessarily need to be an experienced model to be selected for a TF shoot with René. As a matter of fact, most models he has chosen for TF shoots in the past had little or no experience.

Basic requirements for Models requesting TF

  • Attractive, confident and physically fit female
  • Must be between the ages of 18-34
  • Ideal Height: 5’8″-5’11” (will consider shorter or taller models depending on shoot creative objectives)
  • Healthy Weight: A “normal” BMI (Body Mass Index) range between 18.5–24.9 – Calculate your BMI.

Be prepared to submit the following (clothed) photos with your TF request:

  • Headshot (close-up)
  • Full-body shot (in swimsuit)

If you meet the above requirements and you’d like to be considered for a TF shoot with René, click this button to complete the form:  TF REQUEST